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Becoming a Mentor

Becoming a Mentor

Two weeks ago, we talked about choosing a life coach, and some reasons why you would want to do so. So what if you think you would make a good coach yourself? Again, if you are put off by the term “life coach”, you don’t have to call it that. Think of it as just plain coaching, or mentoring, or simply teaching in whatever field you happen to know something about. The point is that chances are you have something to give to the world, and there is almost certainly a group of people out there who would love to learn it, and from you.

But I’m Not an Expert in Anything
Here’s the thing: you don’t have to be an expert, as in, you know more than almost everyone else on this particular subject. You just have to know enough to be able to teach people who know less about it than you. And it should be something that you’ve done (obviously), and that you care deeply enough about that you’ll be able to add real value to their learning. Think about it: if I know absolutely nothing about, say, mathematics, I probably don’t even want the world’s top mathematician explaining long division to me, even if I could afford his or her consulting services. I just want someone who knows a little more than I do, and more importantly, I want a teacher I can connect with and who will share his or her enthusiasm for the subject with me.

Refining Your Services
Know what subject you would want to coach in, but don’t know exactly how it would look? Find a few clients and offer your services for free in exchange for some honest feedback when the consulting sessions are over. Ask them a lot of questions about what would truly bring value to them, and make sure they are comfortable with giving you their objective opinion of how your services stack up and whether (and what) they’d be willing to pay for them. This is also a great way to gather some initial testimonials for your burgeoning coaching business.

Make Money and Make a Difference
Coaching / consulting / teaching / mentoring services can be a great source of income for your online business. Once you have built a base with your blog or website, you should be able to find enough people willing to pay you for your expertise that you can make a comfortable living. Consider also that donating your time to people who really need it but can’t afford to pay is a great alternative to giving away money to your favorite charity.

2 responses to “Becoming a Mentor”

  1. Omar Emmons says:

    I am 75 yrs. young and do not have any special skills, but have always wanted to do something online. I have offen thought about doing something like “Dear Abby” but wonder about how to go about it and what the pros and cons would be.

  2. John Messmer says:

    Hi @Omar Emmons, I think we need more of the wisdom from our senior statesmen such as yourself.  I suggest you find forums and blogs that are about the topics you’re interested in, then go and put some fellers out.  I’ll bet you’ll be surprised by the favorable responses that you’ll get.

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