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How to Use Leverage to Get More Traffic and Sales, Part 2

Last week we talked about the power of leverage and how to leverage other people's lists to get more traffic, sales, and subscribers. This week we will talk about leveraging other websites and leveraging your own products. Leverage Other Websites Another powerful strategy is to leverage off of other people’s websites. The fact is that there are already websites out there that have extremely high rankings and get a lot of traffic on a daily ...continue

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How to Use Leverage to Get More Traffic, Sales, and Subscribers

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” That is what Ancient Greek mathematician, scientist, and inventor Archimedes is often quoted as saying, referring to the power of a lever; the principle of leverage. Of course in science leverage refers to the concept of moving an object with less force, but there are many other applications where we can apply this powerful force. Many people in ...continue

Do You Need an iPhone App?

iPhone applications are a great way to reach out to mobile, tech-savvy users. In many cases they can increase visitors and readers to your website or business. However, just as many apps flounder in the app store with few or no downloads and end up being a wasted investment of time, energy, and resources. Here are a few tips on how to tell if an iPhone app is right for you: An iPhone application is not the same thing as a website. If your iPh ...continue

2010 and Beyond: The New Rules of Engagement

In 2010, the changing dynamics in buyer behavior will force many organizations to engage and influence their current and prospective customers very differently in the “new norm” of 2010 and beyond. Marketing will have to focus much more proactively on one-on-one relationships (as advocated by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers of Peppers & Rogers Group in the early 90s – talk about being ahead of your time!), whether on the corporate website/blo ...continue

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Ebooks De-Mythed

With so many people getting into online marketing as a way to avoid having a J-O-B, they're wondering exactly what kind of online career they should get into. When they start thinking about ebooks, they often think that maybe it's too late to get into ebook marketing, or that there aren't any good topics left to write about, or that they're not smart enough or expert enough to write a book, or that ebooks take a long time to write. Well, none ...continue