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Meatball Sundae- Is Your Marketing Out of Sync?

Meatball Sundae- Is Your Marketing Out of Sync?

By: Seth Godin

This book is only a couple of years old, and already it is a modern-day marketing classic. Highly-readable and oddly-titled, this book will change the way you think about marketing. The title refers to traditional companies (=the meatballs) that attempt to cash in on this new-fangled Internet thing (=sundae toppings) without changing anything else about their business. The result? You got it, a meatball sundae, something that might attract a few funny looks, but that no one wants to eat.

The problem, the book argues, is that these companies (examples include Budweiser, Nike, and Disney) don’t really get the Internet and Internet marketing. They are accustomed to relying on interruption advertising, where the consumer is a captive audience of television, radio, or newspapers, and hears the company’s pitch against his or her will. In the olden days, since almost everyone heard these ads, only a small percentage of “everyone” had to buy the product in order for the company to make money.

But the old way doesn’t work anymore. In today’s world, no one has to be a captive audience to commercials they don’t want to see or hear. Now we have TiVo, iTunes, Internet radio, and websites where one can simply look away from any unwanted ads.

New marketing works because it is highly targeted. Companies succeed by either seeking out the people who want to be found, or making it easy for people to find them. And it is not just the marketing departments that are transformed by this approach, whole companies are. That is why the old guard is having so much trouble adapting.

If you want to get excited about all of the great opportunities that exist for those with creativity, guts, and ingenuity, then you should read this book. The new way of marketing means that you don’t have to be a big fish in a big pond to succeed, you can be a little fish and do just fine as long as you are swimming around in a niche that is right for you.

Meatball Sundae- Is Your Marketing Out of Sync?

Author: Seth Godin
Pages: 256
Publisher: Portfolio

2 responses to “Meatball Sundae- Is Your Marketing Out of Sync?”

  1. Great review. This is definitely going on my “to read” list for the summer. It’s amazing how some larger companies are missing out on opportunities. Targeted marketing is cost effective and often gets similar results to the interruption marketing the book speaks of. Thanks for the overview! I’m looking forward to picking this book up.

  2. Sarah Beek says:

    Thanks for the comment! And yes, you should definitely check out this book and everything else from Seth Godin (including his latest, Linchpin) if you haven’t already. His RSS feed is also very enlightening with daily tidbits.

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