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More Unique Uses for Mobile Marketing

More Unique Uses for Mobile Marketing

Last time, we talked about some uses for mobile marketing for companies and businesses that maybe hadn’t thought that text message marketing was something that applied to them. Here are some more. Feel free to leave a comment and tell us how your company has used mobile marketing to increase profits and visibility!

Pharmaceutical Companies
In an effort to promote a new allergy-relieving nasal spray, one pharmaceutical company developed a text-messaging service that sends sufferers of hay fever regular pollen count updates to their cell phones. The information in the text is personalized depending on the person’s geographical location, and contains pointers on ways to best defend themselves against hay fever. It sounds like having your own personal nursing assistant. “Denver is a little dangerous for you today, maybe you’d better get back in the car.”

Mobile marketing campaigns even have a place in the arsenal of non-profits such as churches. The various weekly activities of a church lend themselves perfectly to regularly reminders for an increasingly mobile congregation. Special events, prayer meetings, church services, and youth gatherings can all be promoted through weekly text messages. Church: it’s not just for Sundays anymore!

Customer Service
Text messaging may also revolutionize how companies deal with customer service requests. Many routine issues can be dealt with via text message. Wouldn’t it be nice to say goodbye forever to interminable hold times and egregious call waiting music? Think about it. Everything from order confirmations to requests for refunds could take place through your cell phone without you having to talk to anyone in person or worse, trying to communicate with a machine!

Delivery Services
If you’re like us, the minute you order something online you start to obsessively track it via its Fed Ex or UPS tracking number. Wouldn’t it make life easier if those companies texted you updates on where your package currently was and gave you up-to-the-minute estimates of when it would arrive? We know we would sleep easier knowing that our package was in Cleveland, inching steadily closer to our doorstep.

Stay tuned to this space for even more uses for mobile marketing. And if you haven’t checked out TextCastLive yet to look into getting a mobile marketing campaign of your own going, now’s a perfect time!

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