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The Joel Comm Show – Interview with Jack Zufelt

The Joel Comm Show – Interview with Jack Zufelt

Check out last week’s episode of The Joel Comm Show where Joel had the opportunity to interview Jack Zufelt, author of The DNA of Success, and the creator of millionaires. Mr. Zufelt has received the Presidential Medal of Merit for his work. Some of his ideas on how to be successful are rather unconventional, and one of them is this: goal setting does not work. (Think of all of your New Year’s Resolutions from this last year.) Mr. Zufelt says that 8 out of 10 things people write down as goals won’t happen, and that the 2 goals that do happen have nothing to do with pen and paper, but rather with two other things that are required for success. He makes the point that goal setting didn’t even exist until this century, and people like the Wright Brothers and Winston Churchill accomplished what they set out to do without writing down their goals.

The two things that are required for success?

1. That you identify the thing that you want with all your heart.


2. That you find a qualified mentor.

This will help you find out what it’s going to take to accomplish the goal that you want most of all. The meaning of “DNA” in the title of Mr. Zufelt’s book is not that there are people who are genetically programmed for success, but rather since we all have the DNA of human beings, we have the free choice to choose to be successful or not.

Jack Zufelt is a great public speaker and has some excellent ideas on success. Check out the full interview on Webmaster Radio here. And catch new episodes of The Joel Comm Show live every Wednesday at 12PM Eastern here.

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